Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

Are you tired of the everyday hassle when it comes to making breakfast in the morning? Almost half of the world’s population loves indulging in omelettes, boiled eggs or pouched eggs for breakfast.

Luckily, you don’t need to waste time anymore on preparing your breakfast because the Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker can do it for you. This electronic appliance can make omelettes, hard- boiled, soft- boiled, poached or deviled eggs.



Made by Storebound, this high quality appliance will make your life so much easier. It comes with  a measuring cup, omelette tray, poaching tray and a six egg holding tray.

dash go rapid



We will explain how to use each in a moment. You can get this egg cooker in reasonable price. Upon purchase you will receive a one year warranty as well as a recipe book to make your egg game off the roof.

This is small and compact device but it’s durability and high quality will surprise you. Customers who have owned this egg cooker still praise it for it’s good work even after several years of use.

Instructions for the use are included in the package and we can assure you that this is as simple as using a toaster. Also cleaning up after the use is very easy.

All non electric parts are dishwasher safe. We recommend you to use a non stick spray on the trays which will make clean- up a lot easier.



To make your perfect breakfast all you need to do is put the eggs on the tray, put in the required amount of water, close the appliance and push the “on” button.

From there you can sit back and relax while waiting for the buzz sound. Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker has an automatic system which will inform you when your eggs are done and it will automatically shut off at the same time. No more looking at the clock while boiling eggs or stirring them in a pan.

dash go rapid



If you are making hard boiled eggs, fill the measuring cup with water to the “hard” line. Pierce the large end of the egg with a pin that comes attached to the measuring cup.

Close the appliance and turn it on. The clean-up is unbelievably easy since there is no leftovers, just water drops which you can simply wipe off and you are done.

Sit back and enjoy the best boiled eggs of your life. The shell falls off on it’s own and what you get is a perfectly peeled egg in it’s pure shape. Delightful !

To make perfectly poached eggs you need to fill the measuring cup to the medium line. Take the poaching tray which has two sections. Break an egg into each section of the tray.

Close it and push the “on” button. When you hear the buzz sound your poached eggs are done. Simple as that.

If you are in the mood for an omelette, fill the measuring cup to the medium line and take the omelette tray. Add the ingredients of your omelette in the tray as well as a previously whisked egg.

dash-go rapid



Put the lid on and turn the appliance on. Same as every time, the buzz sound will let you know when your omelette is ready.

To make different, delicious omelettes take a look at the cookbook which comes along with this cooker and pick up some easy tricks on how to step up your omelette game.

You can make two separate omelettes at the same time as well. Do so by using the poaching tray and in each section of the tray make one separate omelette.



It is small and compact and therefore does not take up much space in the kitchen.

It can easily be stored when out of use. Most of its parts are dishwasher safe so that the cleaning is easy. If you use the nonstick spray on your trays as we recommended, you won’t need to put them in the dishwasher after every use. Simply wipe it off and it will be clean as new.

What customers mostly love about this cooker is its simplicity. It is so simple to use that even kids can make their own eggs with it.




The amazing thing is that with such simplicity comes such a high quality outcome. Perfectly done eggs in a matter of minutes with absolutely no hassle at all. You can make six boiled eggs faster than you can boil water.

This electronic appliance is a great time saver and it will definitely come in handy when you are rushing to work or school.



There are however some cons that customers have complained about. One being that if you use large eggs when boiling, they won’t come out boiled as much as medium eggs and will seem a bit under cooked.

That is because this device is set up for medium eggs mostly. If you decide to poach a large egg, put a bit more water or wait for about 90 seconds more until the egg sets in. Another thing is the size of the trays.

The unit is very small and trays for omelettes and poached eggs can only hold one egg. If that is not enough for your breakfast routine you might need to make a round two.



Overall Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker is a high rated electric appliance praised for its features. Small and handy, the perfect time saver and it will make you delicious eggs.

What more can you ask for in that morning rush? I definitely recommend getting yourself one of these egg cookers because they will make your morning routine much easier and faster. For such an affordable price, what you get is truly benefecial! Enjoy your fast cooked eggs!